Sunday, October 08, 2006

paolo coelho

im not much of an avid fan of this author but his first book was a great one for me. after that, i was eyeing his other books but loose interest when i read the back covers of the books. i did not like very much the stories because for me it was all cheesy. but i was mistaken.

this girl i really like in school kept bringing this books and i was told by her of some of the excerpts of the novels, i don't know if i was encouraged because of the story or if i was because of the story teller, coz i really like her.

first i read the novel "the alchemist" but that was months ago and i don't really remember some excerpts from the novel. but it was one heck of a treasure hunt with much thrill coming along with every adventure the main character had. he even talked to the wind.

i read one of the his novels, the one introduced by her, "by the river piedra i sat down and wept", it was a bit cheesy but it did not focus on the man woman relationship (due to low memory capacity that my brain holds, i can't decipher once more the character's of the story). it focused on the struggle of man against his vocation and love. it really is a good novel and paolo coehlo really has a way with words. one scene here was when the man gave up his power for the woman she loved. and how the woman almost lost her sanity. you might get in touch with your spiritual side on this novel. (awwww. a spoiler). one scene was when the lady was talking in a language no one can understand and was talking really fast. but she felt relieved and at ease.

the next book was "veronica decides to die". talk about trying to commit suicide but failing. but worst part was that you acquired a condition where you are left to die after ten days. this novel shows how the main character faced life after being put to a sanitarium because of a stupid misleading reason on why she committed suicide. excerpts were when the main character tried to seduce a schizophrenic and ... its for you to find out. the story ended beautifully and paulo coehlo's made a special appearance in the beginning of the story.a realization that maybe we are all the crazy one was put in consideration in the novel, we just don't know it. there are many conflicts and this novel focuses on how a girl changed the life of her fellow sanitarium people. a scene where the doctor told a story, or was it the patient, about a necktie. why do we all have to wear a necktie, when in fact it serves no purpose but as a sign of relief upon getting home when you loosen up the knot, to a sane man it is not craziness, because everybody is doin it. so does that mean that you are only crazy when you go against the flow? another instance was a story about a kingdom where all the kings subject, except for the royal family, drunk from the same well. one day some one from another kingdom tried to poison the villagers by placing a potion to make the people crazy on the well. the next day all the people drunk from the well and turned crazy. having seen the effect, the king decided to make call the police to investigate about the matter but the police thought that the king was made, to cut the story short, the royal family also drunk from the well and they were no longer considered crazy by their subordinates.

now i am reading "the devil and miss prym". i still havnt finished it but it gave me the idea for this post. this novel focuses on how the antagonist finds the answer to his question. set in a peaceful small village, the antagonist tries to defy the living of the people in the village. the protagonist mis prym is was the first to have the conflict on the story, but when she did resolve her problem, it got a whole lot worse. that is how far my story has lead me. an excerpt of the novel sofar was when an old lady told mis prym the story about a traveler, his dog and his donkey. it was one day that the traveler along with his pets were traveling and were all struck by lightning. they all died at once but they all did not know they were dead. they continued traveling until the traveler felt thirsty and wanted to drink some water. they soon approached a well, i think its was a well, fenced by a golden gate. the well was so beautiful but it was guarded.the traveler asked the guard what that place was, the guard said it was heaven, then the traveler asked the guard if he and his pets could have a drink by the guard insisted that he can not bring his pets with him. so he continued his journey growing more thirsty. thy reached a lake/swamp/river/, cant remember, and asked the man sitting the the tree beside the body of water, the man said yes. after drinking the traveler asked what place that was, the man said it was heaven. confused the traveler asked that he passed heaven a while ago, the man said it was not heaven but hell.

damn... i really like stories that are not tipical and gives out a certain puzzle to the reader. ammmm, i think this is already a long post do ill just stop here...

by the way, sorry if i havnt visited any one of your blogs. i am just busy coz finals is coming. ill try to visit it as soon as i can if time permits.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

an engineer's rant

i am abandoning the idea of a new layout for a while

im very damn depressed lately knowing that i am not doing well in every aspectof my life. yah, this is one of my "pagdradrama" post. i just want to release out some of these things out of my system hoping that somehow it will lessen the burden i am carrying.

how do you people cope with these equation?

(stress^2 + family problem)/ (square root of (no. of quality time + happy

(yah, im an engineering student so im putting it into a language i can easily
express myself out.)

where as

no. of quality time is less than happy moments

happy moments = -(stress)

i want to die, not the physical death, but the death of a personality that is not that much of a catch to other people. i want to renew my life, personality wise. i know by changing that i will never be again the same me, but it will create a new picture of me, the better one( i hope ). but upon thinking of this, i thought of a new program that will take away one's life with out the risk of putting someone else in the chopping block. its some how like these

(this is fictional)

/--! Self Killing Program !--/

death = ( "How do you want to die: ")

stab=0; pill=0; poison=0; height=0; bullet=0; other=0;


death = ( "How do you want to die: ")

if (death=stab)

/ stab the person /


if (death=pill)

/ drink sleeping pill /


if (death=poison)

/ drink a spoon of poison /

if (death=building jump)

/ jump from the window /
/ height is the floor /

if (death=gun)

/aim atself and shoot /


/execute death/

person=("Are you still alive? ")

fprintf("The person died from /
number of stab(s) = %f /n
number of pill(s)=%f /n
spoon(s) of poison=%f /n
jumping on the floor number %f /n
number of bullet(s)=%f /n
other way=%f", stab, pill, poison, height, bullet, other)


i do not expect everybody to understand this smehow crappy program i created, and yes, it will not run in your browser if you are planning to use this program. i mixed my knowledge of DSP(digital spectrum processing), HTML (hyperterminal) and C++ (programming languages);

damn. im bored and depressed. would some one come and jin this boredom. ahhhhhh... i hate being by myself in times of problems. but i am left with no choice.

honestly, i think this is a crappy post. bear with me. hehe (tama ba ung bear?) this is not my actual post but i sensed it ismore important for me to publish this one.