Wednesday, June 21, 2006

when love no longer hurts (its all your fault)

first blow
you were with this person. for not that long of a duration. it ended because you were stupid. too
stupid with your "testing the limits" of a person. but still, there is still a chance, but you blew it away. yadiyadiyada.. long story.. now you have moved on, after a year of running after that person and trying to destroy their relationship you moved on. YOU MOVED ON. but to some uncomprehendable situation, that some one made you a toy out of sticks and figs, used you for leasure. forced you to not fall. IM NOT STUPID. I EASILLY FALL. I FALL HARD. beads of tear starting to fall.. stop. you have already stopped the stupidity. its ok..

second blow
same as the first, well almost. the magic was there, it was almost perfect. until you later knew
the fish was already caught. you tried almost everything to destroy it. but it only got stronger. not much tear. but atleast after some long time of nothingness, friendship came. its a good thing that person is damn kind. i still like to own that some one.

third blow
its your fault. why cry. you were too quick to judge things. so now its your problem. but atleast understanding is there. im searching for myself, as soon as i find it, ill go and talk to that
some one sincerly and tell of the plans. but it still hurt. atleast that flash presentation at the right would be a remembrance.

fourth blow
you have some intimate relationship with that person. you gave your all, your everything. you trusted and cared for that some one. you tried to look after that person's welfare. tried to give what ever is asked. you became stupid and followed the commands like a dog on a leash. in the end you learned that that person has some one he cared for. after all those things you have invested, you are left alone, ready to cry. but wait. you have no reson to cry, it has been said from the start. "we are just friends". so stop that damn feeling. its not worthy. content yourself with what you have.

fifth blow
you invested a lot. you gave your all, you even did things you do not usally do, just to satisfy that beings satisfaction. too long you have waited. you showed your true self. day by day you try to win the precious heart. lots of time lost and lots of friends set aside. then you will learn that that being was snatched away from you by one of your friends. all those times of trying to plan on how to catch that one fish only for me to learn that in just a minuteit was caught by some one else. damn. im ready to cry. stop it. dont worry, you were special to that some one. too much happend, content yourself.