Wednesday, October 04, 2006

an engineer's rant

i am abandoning the idea of a new layout for a while

im very damn depressed lately knowing that i am not doing well in every aspectof my life. yah, this is one of my "pagdradrama" post. i just want to release out some of these things out of my system hoping that somehow it will lessen the burden i am carrying.

how do you people cope with these equation?

(stress^2 + family problem)/ (square root of (no. of quality time + happy

(yah, im an engineering student so im putting it into a language i can easily
express myself out.)

where as

no. of quality time is less than happy moments

happy moments = -(stress)

i want to die, not the physical death, but the death of a personality that is not that much of a catch to other people. i want to renew my life, personality wise. i know by changing that i will never be again the same me, but it will create a new picture of me, the better one( i hope ). but upon thinking of this, i thought of a new program that will take away one's life with out the risk of putting someone else in the chopping block. its some how like these

(this is fictional)

/--! Self Killing Program !--/

death = ( "How do you want to die: ")

stab=0; pill=0; poison=0; height=0; bullet=0; other=0;


death = ( "How do you want to die: ")

if (death=stab)

/ stab the person /


if (death=pill)

/ drink sleeping pill /


if (death=poison)

/ drink a spoon of poison /

if (death=building jump)

/ jump from the window /
/ height is the floor /

if (death=gun)

/aim atself and shoot /


/execute death/

person=("Are you still alive? ")

fprintf("The person died from /
number of stab(s) = %f /n
number of pill(s)=%f /n
spoon(s) of poison=%f /n
jumping on the floor number %f /n
number of bullet(s)=%f /n
other way=%f", stab, pill, poison, height, bullet, other)


i do not expect everybody to understand this smehow crappy program i created, and yes, it will not run in your browser if you are planning to use this program. i mixed my knowledge of DSP(digital spectrum processing), HTML (hyperterminal) and C++ (programming languages);

damn. im bored and depressed. would some one come and jin this boredom. ahhhhhh... i hate being by myself in times of problems. but i am left with no choice.

honestly, i think this is a crappy post. bear with me. hehe (tama ba ung bear?) this is not my actual post but i sensed it ismore important for me to publish this one.