Wednesday, October 24, 2007

family affair

WARNING: hate post/anti family values post ahead.

ever heard of the simpsons? the dysfunctional family who amused and entertained all of us through numerous numbers of years?
how about the family guy? another semi dysfunctional family with somehow the same theme as the simpsons.

well, there is one thing that they have in common, they are both dysfunctional. and for tonight i am going to share my damn hatred and deep stupid damn shit emotions regarding not specifically with my mother nor my father but to the extended family that i have.

we have been living in a "COZY" home as far as my memory takes me. we have been living with my grandmother and grandfather, father's side of the family, but that's not all i am also living with my ninong (my father's brother), his wife, their adopted daughter, my uncle (another brother of my father), his wife, my cousins, 1damn stupid irritating mother fucking maid and my cousins cousins from their mother's side.

damn. now i know why im so "MADRAMA", a semi backstabber, "MAARTE" kind of a guy. its all because of those people. don't get me wrong, i LIKE living with them, emphasis on like, but love is out of the question. damn. im so mad that i can't even think straight typing this post.

you may say that im a no good son of a bitch who does not even think before i act (well i also got that from them) but i am telling you im full of it.

everyday is like a telenobela, its like they are all psychotics with minds not working properly. everyday mt grandma always boasts bmy grandpa they he is going gaga over the maid. damn. my grandpa's penis does not even work anymore, she always says that "INAAPAKAN MO ANG PAGKABABAE KO" da hell!


i may have spilled to much for this post but believe me, there's more. it only frustrates me more if i continue. i just need an outlet.

thanks for reading if you got to this part. damn im so mad.
ma,pa, lets transfer n kasi. ayoko na dito!!!