Sunday, November 11, 2007


hmmm.. so here i am once more invading you internet browser with some random blog postswhich almost none would read. i have been studying my previous posts and i have got minimal, if not none, comments which means i should do something drastic to this blog space so i would not be just some internet space clutter with no purpose at all..

so what now should i do? i have already changed my layout.. its blue and a template from blogger, i do not want to change the my lay out though i how how to. (for sample click here). i changed, somehow, my blogging style from full of drama to random posts and videos.

i have included additional click me interactive thingies. i have palced things to make visitors wanna visit me all the time (the mybloglog widget and the cbox) but all i am getting are still few if not very less visitors.

i still lack 2 things, as far as i know.

one would be that i am not blog hopping that much and
two, that i lack the spunk that one person would keep on returning to this space.


so what am i suppose to do now?

care to suggest.

pls do. i do want to keep this blog alive and kicking

i dont want this to be another failure on my part