Monday, August 27, 2007

for many years

i have been blog hopping this past few days to catch up with some old bloggers i have known for months, even years, and to know some new bloggers who has been dominating the blog world.

its been many weeks since i posted and became active of the blog world. and i have seen many people develop friendship, gain enemies or even garnered awards. and with those many months that i have been spilling my mind out, i still can't over some facts that has been surrounding, somehow, my mind every time i visit the blog world

some of these things are so far impossible to recreate or to revive that it has given me the down feeling that i wanted to avoid. some were very happy memories that would never again happen. some are those people who made an impact to my life. and some are just those who gives me the satisfied feeling every time i pass their blog


i really miss the old days where i was friends with them and they were there for me and such cheesiness and stuffs, but like what my friend told me. dont hold on, let go and move on.

i have made so much effort. i dont consider it wasted overtime but still... that's just that

i really hope i could go back to the past and redo those things, but unfortunately. i cant. too bad for me. errors have been made and thing may no longer go my way

Sunday, August 26, 2007

palm top

its was way past my hours of stay in school and i was just killing time at the our org room. actually i was waiting for the reply of "DIWATA" with my question, "sabay ba tayo uwi?"

unfortunately i left my phone at home so i texted her using my colleague/baby sister/CG asst head/TQM coordinator/rain lover/... cellphone. but unfortunately she didn't reply immediately.

tjen the time came that my colleague/baby sister/CG asst head/TQM coordinator/rain lover/... was about to go home, but still there was no reply. so what i decided was that i will jutted done "DIWATA's" number on my palm instead.

i searched for my pen and didn't fpund any. i searched my colleague/baby sister/CG asst head/TQM coordinator/rain lover/... bag for a pen and found her 0.2 technical pen which i didn't use for the reason it has a very pointed edge. next i saw an ordinary pen. but before i could use it my colleague/baby sister/CG asst head/TQM coordinator/rain lover/... told me that it would hurt more if i used that pen o right in my palm because it has no ink. lastly i saw her purple jell pen (purple being her favorite color).

i used the said pen to write her number first. then i decided to include her nickname. o was enjoyings with what i was doing so i decided to include the word "DIWATA", the name i call her, then o also wrote her whole name including her middle name. after that i was still not yet satisfied so i wrote "DIWATA" again. finally i wrote her blogspot name.

hmmm. addicted? maybe but i just had nothing to do.

my colleague/baby sister/CG asst head/TQM coordinator/rain lover/... asked me why i still haven't memorized her number? now i can say i already do.

** parts of the picture was blurred out to protect her identity. mahirap na kasi...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

random and the like

trough the help of my cousin and some news articles i read and watched on television, and with the help of our newly installed DSL from PLDT. i have watched some featured clips from YouTube.

featured clip 1 : This Is Why I'm Hot vs. Spngebob Squarepants

i liked this video because spongebob's mouth fits the timing of the song. this was pinpointed out to me by my cousin.

featured clip 2 : The Pinoy Preso Dancing different songs

this video was shown even on other countries. they did these clips to gather donations for the inmates.

In addition, i have updated my multiply site >ikabudjack<
updated my friendster site >rudolf zeus<
and my deviantart has 1 added deviation due to boredom (not that great though) >DeviantArt<

Saturday, August 18, 2007

almost 2 and a half weeks of death

Friday last last week (Aug. 3)
no classes as declared by dep ed and by ched, registration for the local elections

Saturday last last week (Aug. 4)
no classes as declared by the local administration of U.S.T. for the extension of registration of students

Sunday last week (Aug. 5)
no classes because its rest day for everyone. but there was a general assembly for the manila chapter of the organization of ECE's (IECEP)

Monday last week (Aug. 6)
no classes for Engineering students of the University of Santo Tomas

Tuesday last week (Aug. 7)
no classes from 7am-1pm due to some meeting. our class is up to 2 pm. but our prof decided to cancel the class

Wednesday last week (Aug. 8)
no classes due to 2 reasons
1. Feast of Saint Dominic
2. Heavy rains causing flood

Thursday last week (Aug. 9)
no classes due to heavy rain fall

Friday last week (Aug. 10)
no classes due to heavy rain fall

Saturdays last week (Aug. 11)
YEHEY. classes. we were told of the scope of the prelims for the next week.

during these whole span of time we were given amply time to finish our project due the prelims week the following week. YEY!

Sunday to Monday this week (Aug. 12-13)
no classes

Tuesday this week (Aug. 14)
first day of Prelims (i did not study much so i think ill fail)

Wednesday-Thursday this week(Aug. 15-16)
no classes because of EGAY

this gave me much more time to finish the said project. goody goody for me

Friday (Aug. 17)
supposed to be passing of project but still no classes

Saturday (today)
still no classes

i dont know if im going to be in a happy mood or am i to be bothered by these no classes days. but i think its still a plus factor. i finished my 54 pages project in that span of time so i think its still a blessing for me. it also gave me more time to study. i dot feel like studying and i rather play WORLD OF WARCRAFT under a private server.

anyway. its a good thing that last tuesday (Aug. 14) i saw "DIWATA" and accompanied her to the church i even accompanied her going home. hmmm (sounds wrong grammar) anyway. i am happy ad at the same time bothered.

sana may load sya

Thursday, August 09, 2007

after some time....

strips courtesy of

i don't know. i just liked these strips. its so....

on the lighter side of things

visit my friendster profile. it is updated. added more photos

hmmm. what more?


all i can say is

ako ay nandirito laman
nag aantay upang ikaw ay lumapit
nag aantay sa diwata upng dumapo sa aking puso
nag aantay upang aking pagalingin ang puso mo
lagay ng band aid at betadine ang sugat na dinadala
upang agarang pag hilom ang iong madama
imortante ka na para sa nilalang na ako
kaya kayang mag antay kahit na kontra ang mga tao
madaming nagkakandarapa ngunit sakin ay balewala
dahil hindi importante kung maibalik mo man
basta ako gagawin ko lahat para ikaw ay sumaya
dahil ang saya sayong labi, dampi ng kaligayahan
nag papagaan ng aking buhay na iaalay ko sayo lamang

damn. so cheesy. hope she does read this