Monday, October 01, 2007

wish list

i am a self confessed nationalist, i support the filipino community not totally 100 percent but more than enough compared to other fellow filipinoes.

i have been eying these set of shirts but unfortunately i have insufficient funds to buy myself one of these. these shirts came from THE TSHIRT PROJECT who originally brought to us Spoofs Ltd. Now the have so much designs which made more frustrated.

hey, anybody out there reading these post, in my birthday, o sooner, in christmas

could someone give me one of their designs

not specifically what i have posted. it would mean so much to me


(another lame post)

since we are on the topic of wish lists, i would like to post the things i would like to have at my birthday

2. DSLR camera (not giving any specifics as long as itis in fact DSLR, or a nice digicam would do)
3. new cellphone
4. upgraded pc or laptop (no specifics again)
5. for her to become my girlfriend
6. to graduate on time (woohoo, 1 sem left)
7. to pass the board exam
8. a car
9. a new ketboard (i just bought this keyboard i am currently using and its already broaken. thats what you get with cheap merchandise)
10. a new mouse

(wow, that was a mixture of earthly goods and non material wishes)


thanks for your time...