Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i have made a right wrong and a wrong right

i did what should be done

i told what should have been told, but i should have kept quiet

im happy for there is no more pain, but i cause pain in the process

i told the error done but telling it meant worse

i was in the middle of a no escape situation

if i tell, my faith is doomed, if i didn't, i would still die

i dont know where to place myself

i dont know what to do

i just spilled out what is needed to be known

now everything was taken away from me

i did what was right, i told the wrong done

but in turn i lose friends, friends i truly cherish

now im all alone...

now i have no one to run to

yes i have friends but they won't understand

my fear is loosing friends, but it seems im the one doing things to push them away.

i still continue on testing them and on the way, i give them a reason to leave me

now. little by little...

one by one

they all are leaving

and im afraid to be left all alone.