Friday, November 02, 2007

go bords

do you know what bords is?
how about the kicking fish, have any idea what it is?
the running rooster?

or how about the black-bords?
do you know who benjo is?
how about tonton?
maybe talibong1, do you know him?

well, they have been a craze in the youtube world, they have posted numerous videos where they dubbed 1 famous movie, 300. well,maybe its typical for some to do these but the catch is that they did it in ilonggo. nice. you may not understand the film but you will surely enjoy the sound effects, the voice projection and even the will really feel the emotion. ammm, well maybe not, because their films will surely knock you off your feet. i first heard this from my org-mate, he said look for 300 bisaya. then i saw it at youtube. weeks later it was gone and i was informed that it was changed to a title more suitable, 300 illongo, because it was illongo in the first place.

i enjoyed watching their videos, the emotion was extreme and heres the catch, they don't want to reveal who they are. they have a myspace site.

they really became an instant hit on the web,i hope i were like them. i saw in one of their uploads in youtube that they already have 10,000 + views, some even upto 437,000+. that either means many has viewed the video or people keeps on going back to view the video once more

here is sample video

this is it for now...

great video finds

i have been scouting my multiply groups ad watching some uploaded videos and saw some great finds such as the non electronic candle design ammmm. they call it as Random Screen (i dont know if you can view the video in the page. but its worth a try. the real site for these kind of things are found at this site

this things are soda cans manipulated to look like what you see. the insides are candles which gives light and at the same time rotates the contraption made of soda cans. now if you can watch the video, you will see that at first it looked like some electronically made device which would be powered by electricity, but as it is shown on the back, the picture above is the one manipulating the pixels. can't explain it much in detail so i looked for a video to show you what i am talking about. here it is.

hmmm. how you could watch it. that is one heck of an idea. it was awesome and was really easy to do. but if your not really in that kind of sharing maybe this would be of your interest.

the next video i am to share with you would be something crazy. haven't really studied what their motive is in doing such things but i enjoyed the weird videos that they showed.

the videos show different things being put to the blender such marbles, golf balls, glowsticks, DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA! (damn, they could have just given it to me), IPOD, and to my surprise, actually this video is what gave me the interest to blog these video, an iphone, freshly bought. their site is Will It Blend? here is the video.

maybe they are promoting their blender or something i don't give a damn, my problem is SAYANG ANG MGA GAMIT!!!. most of those things are in my wish list. damn. for more on WILL IT BLEND videos, you could visit the youtube or CLICK THIS LINK which will direct you to search parameter on youtube.