Monday, June 25, 2007

her name was xyla

i was in an exotic place, full of long ebony black hair and goddess faces. it was paradise. i need to explore, i need to experience first hand the beauty that is of such exotic wonders.

i trekked the place of wonders. down the edge of a mountain going to the plain. upon reaching the cleavage of the two enormous mountains, i kissed the land. it was spectacular, the place was enchanting, the top of the mountains gave a faint glow of lightness enough to take your breathe away.

i journeyed the planes until reaching the desert of white snow. the sand was fine and so smooth, not a hint of coarseness, i saw a pit, so clean, not so deep, but it was enchanting. the ground seem to move a little as i played with the pit, it was no oasis but damn it was more to my pleasure to have been there.

i then continued the trail i was journeying. i remembered one local who told me i have not visited there sacred place with out visiting the canyons right after the jungle. so i i tried my best to reach the said sacred ground.

i have reached the jungle, smell of the crass growing gave a little ecstasy. the trees above showed little light from the moon. it was night, yes it was night, just like what i have heard, it best to see the wonder and feel the pleasure at night. i continued my journey, a little pause on the way but give a little thrill to my journey.

now i continue my walk, with a grin on my face.

i arrived at the spot that gives much happiness, there it was, the canyon. such beauty, such pleasure as i saw it. it gave my body a tingle and made me stand erect to see more of what it has to offer. the locals say i need to taste to spring of ecstasy and penetrate the caves below the canyon.

i went down and dived myself in the spring of ecstasy, such pure pleasure. now i am to enter the caves of virginity, as the locals call it. i stood up, readied myself and plunge my whole self in. it was the best, like indulging my self in everything good. and at the last minute, as i was about to give out my best "awwww" i encountered nirvana.

it was the best experience for me.

and as i returned to the main town of silk long hair, i asked, what was the name of the place

she told me it was xyla.