Sunday, January 06, 2008

is it the end?

I saw her, looking th other way, chatting away with friends.
I saw her right there.
instantaneously i discontinued my path and stayed there, by the stairs.
Yes, i promised her i will not hide.
To always make known her presence.
Make it known to her that i saw her and not look the other way when i see her.
But why make me promise such thing if she, herself, would be the one who will hide from me.

I erased her number in my phone.
Maybe i would soon forget the she was sometime very important to me.
But i can't, i don't know how.
Maybe it is only for now, but damn, i don't want this feeling any longer.
It hurts.

I erased her number, but i saw old text messages...
i can not forget her completely, yet.

She told me the typical "basted" lines
"You deserve someone better." "I don't deserve your love."
damn, she's the third girl who told me those lines whom i had courted with total seriousness.

I don't know how to move on.

I have fallen, and i don't know how to get myself back up again.

She wished me happiness, asked for forgiveness and told me to let go.
All i can say was my happiness lies in her.
She is my happiness.

bye bye butterfly
i thought you would stay
but just like a typical butterfly
you flew away

me and my cousins were at a beach somewhere in lubo, batangas. i do not know why i wrote this but i think i just miss her.