Saturday, January 06, 2007

one made by me

i created this para sa isang examination para sa isang org. wala lng. just wanted to share it to you guys


i was supposed to post the composition n nagawa ko about sa isang mansanas kaso d ko mahanap. kukunin ko from my cousins muna... ito n lng muna...

picture from deviantart


in the darkness of the ebony color or despair
i looked for an emotion to accompany me.
i already thrown out sadness which i had held for so long
but to my mistake, i threw it in the same darkness
i am to look for enlightenment
for joy
for happiness
with out anything to see and only my touch to look
i searched for happiness
i have something in my hands
grasped so tight i did not know what it was i picked
to my surprise, it was once again desperation
i threw it once more, immediately
i dont want that feeling again to come
but to my surprise, once more, once again
the minute i threw away that damn feeling
along did i threw something so important
something hard to loose
that is
(total silence)

remember me this way

image by one of my favorite movies, nightmare before christmas

if people speak differently about YOU, live in such a way that no one will believe them

just a quote to post. baka duktungan ko kung sipagin ako sa blog ko mamayang uwian...