Sunday, November 19, 2006

a market full of nothingness

i went to the market to open up a stall, to sell out my products, to blab out my rants, to share my misery, to show my joy, for you to know my everyday living

i went to the market, to open up a stall, to start talking to other vendors, to have company

i went to the market, to release these damn inner emotions, these damn pain inside,
to relax myself somehow of the tiring days i pass by everyday

i went to the market to make new friends, to interact, to know people. to make connections, to open a new word of opportunity, but to my despair

now my stocks keep coming but few seems to buy, neighbor hope i seldom talk to, they are busy.

i make myself a competition to them, buy my products, but they dont mind me, im no match to what they are selling. im just a poor boy not that interactive im not that open, not that interesting...

i came to make friends.. where are they?

maybe i went to the market, but unprepared, poor in advertisement, poor at mingling with people.

im not doin my part

maybe, thats just how it is...

(apaka walang sense, wrong grammar... ewan. wala ako sa sarili... as usual lagi naman. my blogs dying and it seems to late to revive it.)