Friday, September 29, 2006

pahapyaw naman

ilalagay ko itong top banner ng bagong ginagawa kong layout

sana ok lng

d naman aksi ako magaling amg drawing, pero comment n kau..

click nyo n lang para makita ng malakihan.

ito ung ibang components na ilalagay ko.

Monday, September 25, 2006

university pride

----Pre game

im not into basketball but due to school spirit and stuffs, i am to write my point of view with the recent "UST ATENEO” bout on the court of araneta. Damn, it started with the presentation of colors which really struck me. Each university was like teasing the other team while waving their flag to the opponent while chanting away one of their cheers.

I don’t know anyone from the opposing teams, all I know is that we “UST” are included in the final match up. thanks to lasalle, if it weren’t for them , we could not even have joined the final 4. but no matter, what ever happens, lasalle will win, why? What’s blue and yellow put together? isn’t it green?

Im in the middle of the game, and I don’t know who is to win, but I am so damn exited to blurt out my view and decided to write away.

My prof said that no matter what happens, we should watch the 2nd game and support our team on araneta itself. Fro the reason that it will be the crucial game. Win or lose, the 2nd game may determine if there is still a chance, is it the end or is it the victor we wanted.

Enough said. Im gonna watch now.

(cute si lia cruz from ateneo at si donna from ust. si j.p. cuan kabatch ko nung hs sa ust payhigh kung saan sya ay isang varsity ng… ano pa ba! at si gervy cruz mukhang mvp na rookie of the year pa, san ka pa!)

----End of first quarter

Why is chris tiu so good when it comes to basketball, and why is ust so damn “bano” when it comes to free throw? Game scores, 15 18 in favour of ateneo. Damn, too much excitement. But it was fun, most specially when the first quarter was almost over, turn overs and steal and scores were overwhelming. It was one heck of a start.

----End of first half

End of the first half , scores are tied at 35. ust catching up on free throws and on score wise, it was not that easy, but we, UST, still managed to catch up. Im still awestricken and I cant put my thoughts in order, so ill just live you with this for moment.

----Half time

A basta, un na un, kakatamad I elaborate, pero magagaling naman… (bitter ako kasi sandali lng pinalabas uste)

----End of Third Quarter

Inexperienced pa kasi an gust kaya d magaling, but still, we prove we can.

A dunk attempt not successful by ateneo and a nice play by cruz. If they keep these goin, we may reach the goal much faster.
Scores are tied at 57, I spoke too soon. It is a very tight game, scores not leaving each other in terms difference. The game is very intense.
Cruz is doin his best. And the other are not letting him do all the work.
They are all in the game, not thinking of the spectators and just having fun, as Boom the commentator said.

----Deciding point

Nothing more to say. We won. It was a very close fight but it was in favour of us, UST. I spoke too soon. But still. It was a grat game. (pahiya ako dun a) it was only 1 second remaining in the time and almost everybody from ust was rejoicing, but to our dismay, defense was short from ust which lead to the first win of ateneo in a 3 part finals. nice pass by . i was celebrating already, but it was short lived. MAGALING SI NORMAN BLACK. but still, we still have the chance.
they, ateneo, may still have the upper hand but surely we will sweep the last 2 bouts.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

isang babasahing nabasa ng mambabasa ng blog mo

ako ay nakatambay sa aming opisina, Thomasian Engineering Media Office, at nakahalungkat ako ng isang journal n nagmula sa ibang kolehiyo. ang journal na ito ay tinatawag nilang "the HUB". ang nasabing journal ay pinag sasamang gawang pang literatura, singing kamay at artistikong pagkuha ng litrato. dito ay nabasa ang iisang sanaysay at isang maikling kwento na kung saan ay naaliw at nagandahan ako sa pag kakakumpusiyon nito. gawa lang ito ng mga estudyante na hindi ko alam kung gradwayt na o nag aaral pa. hindi ko sila kilala pero para naman hindi ako mapatawan ng plagarism ay isasama ko ang kanilang pangalan katabi ng kanilang akda. ito ay may pagka mahaba pero maganda naman ang nilalalaman. uunahin ko ang maikling kwento na nabasa ko.

THE REAL APHRODISIAC by Karren Mae G. Javines

"Good morning Parker", she always says while welcoming light through our Venetian blinds. I will grunt a little while feeling the sun’s rays kiss my cheeks, ever so gentle yet forcefully awakening. And her smile will start me up like a tinkling bell against my ears.

Still bit groggy, I will force my feet to follow her to the kitchen where I could savour the smell of what she is cooking. She will prepare my breakfast which consits of the best dishes ever known: fried chicken, caldereta, and sometimes, Adobong Baboy. They are aphrodisiacs, really.

After having our fill of her terrific sunrise-cuisine, we will spend the rest of the morning cuddling and playfully teasing each other. She’ll brush my hair with her soft fingertips as I lovingly stare at her dazzling grey eyes. Then I will tickle her with my nose. The room will be filled with our naughty giggles.

In the afternoon, I’ll be awakened as she gently lays my head from her lap to the couch. And the lovemaking will start again. We will play, this time at the park, a little hide-and-seek game. I will hide behind santan bushes, coconut trees, even under little straw huts. She will be thrilled and will laugh out affectionately when she sees me peek from my hiding place and then she will shout, “Bang, My turn to hide!”

I could search forever so long as this game won’t end.

We will be coming home late, tired from our afternoon escapades. She will cook dinner and I will be waiting in the living room either lying on the couch or staring at her back, admiring its gracefulness as she perform he draft. The way her hips dance is a true aphrodisiac, really. She is the love of my life and we are inseparable.

At eight o’clock, a car rolls in the driveway and then the doorbell rings. She will wash her hands hurriedly and take her apron off. Then I will feel the continuous lurching in my stomach, like I will be eaten whole by my own guts. Glowing, she will run towards the sounding door and opens it.

With heated anger building inside me, I will shout at the man that entered our house as she bathes him with sweet, sweet, kisses I never had.

And looking down at me, he will shout back.

“Parker, stay! Roll over. Play dead.”

it took me a while, ay mali. Hindi ko agarang nakuha ang essensya ng storyang ito. aminado akong slow ako. kung me mga nakasulat mang mali dyan ay kinopya ko lang siya word by word. naaliw ako at sa huli ko lang nakuha ang ibig sabihin ng kwento. at ng nalaan ko ay natutunan kong magustuhan ang istoryang ito. isa kasi akong taong mahilig magbasa ng mga likha na upukaw sa imahinasyon at hindi tipikal. kung saan ang mga manunulat ay naglalaro ng gma salita. tinignan ko ng staffer profile at nakita ko ang litrato ng may akda, katabi nito ay ang description sa kanya. ito ang nakasulat
"Assertive, bubbly, and has wierd mood swings. Local alternative music aficionado whose recenthaircut made her hairstyle liable for damages. She tells stories even if nobody wants to hear them. An invaluable CJ asset."
hmmm.. naaliw ako pati sa descripsyon sa nilalang na ito, ngunit nagugulumihanan ako sa nakasulat. merong din nga palang litrato, kagaya ng nabanggit ko sa itaas, pero dahil wala akong didyikam, webkam o iskaner man lang ay hindi ko na mailalagay dito ang nasabing litrato. ngunit sasabihin ko na lang ang nakita ko.

artistik ang pag kuha ng mga litrato ng naturang mga istap ng nasabing dyornal. ngunit ating ipokus ang atensyon sa kanya. siya ay nakahiga sa may damuhan, kita lang ang halos itaas na kalahating bahagi ng katawan. nakatingin sa mga damo na pang napoposes o nag iilusyo na a basta. yun na yun. wakekeke

(pahabol sulat: kakaibam ang aking naikwento ay ingles na istorya ngunit ako ay umakda sa Filipino. isa na talagang akong eksentrikong nilalang)

(pahabol sulat ulit: yung sanaysay mahaba, baka sa susunod na akda ko na lang.)

dahil sa madami nag search sa google ng kanyang picture at madami ang search tungkol sa pagkatao nya ay sinbukan ko din isearch. sa google main ay d ko nakita, pero ng pindutin ko ang litrato porsyon nya nakita ko gna ang tinutukoy kong picture at me meron pala sang blogspot. gagawin kong link ang litrato nya.

Monday, September 18, 2006


not your typical blogsite...

this site caters to those comic fanatics

he some how mixes his artistic talents with his day to day life experiences and past experiences to entertain the readers

formerly residing at friendster blogspot, he now transferred to blogspot to have a wider variety of readers

give support to him and to his site..


(kakalse ko yan... wakekeke, im still in hibernation nga pala kasi, d ko alam... pahinga muna sa dami ng ginagawa kunyari)

(ug layout ko nga pala templatish 9sabi ng kabigan kong iba) kasi d ko mapagana ung ginawa kong naaliw ako na nilait din ng same friend na tinutukoy ko... pero anyway, im making a new one.. sana maging succesful na)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

ako ay namatay at muling nabuhay

>> ako ay nakihimlay na sa kabaong ng desperasyon. sira na ang anyo sa madlang tao. ngunit aking napagtanto, bakit kailangan kong manatili sa kabaong na kinahihimlayan. bangon at harapin ang kasalukuyan.

>>sa hukay pilit kong inilabas ang kamay, hangin na kay lamig ang dumampi.handa na ba akong muling magparamdam sa mundo?

>>sa ag iisip, oo... handa na ako!

ako ay namatay at muling nabuhay

>>ngayon, ang pag dati kong sariling puno ng dampi ng kasaklapan, ay handa ng ipakita ang bagong ako. patawad ay hinihingi parin, ngunit sa pag hingi ko nito ngayon ay iba na ako. kagaguhan ng mundong dati kong iniikutan ay wala na. sa ibang paraiso n ako naninirahan. iniwaglit na ang panget sa dating ako. misan ng namatay at natauhan, ngayon ay muling nabuhay upang ayusin ang sulong ipinakita sa madlang mundo. sana ako ay inyong pagbigyan ng isa pang muling pag kakataon.

ako ay namatay at muling nabuhay

>>ang nakaraan ng sa buahy ay nakagawa ng msama. mundo ay binaboy at dinungisan ang ideyang madumi at puno ng kagaguhan. nadapa sa kapatagan ng apoy at bakal na tinik. namatay at binaon sa hukay. ngayon mulin bumangon upang ayusin ang kamalian.

ako ay namatay at muling nabuhay

>>tignan nyo ako, tao sa bilang ng daliri sa kanang kamay.. iba na ako.

>>tignan mo ako, kapwa tomasino. kung iyon mang dati kong nagawa ay iyon ikinagalit, ipag patawad m n lang. sabihin n lang nating wala ako sa sarili. mahirap amng mangako ay gagwin ko parin. sa pag ulit ng nasabing gawain at hindi ko na muling ipapakita sa hinaharap.

>>tignan mo ako, batang dati ng ginago. ang dating ginawa ay pawang pakikipag gaguhan, seryoso ay hindi. ginawa ang upang makipag biruan. hindi ni minsan kong ginusto na pagsamantalahan ang iyong kamusmusan.kung ikaw man ay nadismaya sa nangyari ito ay hindi na muling gaganapin sa kinabukasan ng bawat bukas na padaan mula kahapon.

>>tignan mo ako, iiidolong may mataas n katungkulan. sa lahat ay inakala ko na ikaw an gmakakaintindi, pero ako ay nagkamali. namatay sa ideyang kaya mo sana akong ipagtanggol, hindi hindi m pala magagawa iyon. pero baluktot man ang ideya mo sa nilalang na ako, sa panahon na parating, babaguhin ko ang iniisip mo. importante k n rin sakin.

>>tignan mo ako at magpahinga munsa sa pagsusulat ngsagot sa mga taong matanong. hinayaan na lang sana kitang maging maging maligaya ng walang alinangan. mali ang ginawa, gunit baka naman sa ngaun ay masaya ka na. nakalimot ka na sa taong ako, maraming salamat at hayaan mo, makakabawi din ako sayo.

>> tignan mo ako, nilalang na nangibang bansa. ako ay nagpapasalamat at iyo akong naintindihan. wala man akong pinahahawakan ay tiwala na ang iaalay ko s iyo.

ako ay namatay at muling nabuhay. at kung muling mamamatay man sa parehong kadahilanan , ayoko ng mabuhay pang muli. dahil nangangahulugan lan ng aking muling pagkamatay sa parehong rason na hindi ako natuto sa kamaliang minsan ko ng nagawa