Monday, September 25, 2006

university pride

----Pre game

im not into basketball but due to school spirit and stuffs, i am to write my point of view with the recent "UST ATENEO” bout on the court of araneta. Damn, it started with the presentation of colors which really struck me. Each university was like teasing the other team while waving their flag to the opponent while chanting away one of their cheers.

I don’t know anyone from the opposing teams, all I know is that we “UST” are included in the final match up. thanks to lasalle, if it weren’t for them , we could not even have joined the final 4. but no matter, what ever happens, lasalle will win, why? What’s blue and yellow put together? isn’t it green?

Im in the middle of the game, and I don’t know who is to win, but I am so damn exited to blurt out my view and decided to write away.

My prof said that no matter what happens, we should watch the 2nd game and support our team on araneta itself. Fro the reason that it will be the crucial game. Win or lose, the 2nd game may determine if there is still a chance, is it the end or is it the victor we wanted.

Enough said. Im gonna watch now.

(cute si lia cruz from ateneo at si donna from ust. si j.p. cuan kabatch ko nung hs sa ust payhigh kung saan sya ay isang varsity ng… ano pa ba! at si gervy cruz mukhang mvp na rookie of the year pa, san ka pa!)

----End of first quarter

Why is chris tiu so good when it comes to basketball, and why is ust so damn “bano” when it comes to free throw? Game scores, 15 18 in favour of ateneo. Damn, too much excitement. But it was fun, most specially when the first quarter was almost over, turn overs and steal and scores were overwhelming. It was one heck of a start.

----End of first half

End of the first half , scores are tied at 35. ust catching up on free throws and on score wise, it was not that easy, but we, UST, still managed to catch up. Im still awestricken and I cant put my thoughts in order, so ill just live you with this for moment.

----Half time

A basta, un na un, kakatamad I elaborate, pero magagaling naman… (bitter ako kasi sandali lng pinalabas uste)

----End of Third Quarter

Inexperienced pa kasi an gust kaya d magaling, but still, we prove we can.

A dunk attempt not successful by ateneo and a nice play by cruz. If they keep these goin, we may reach the goal much faster.
Scores are tied at 57, I spoke too soon. It is a very tight game, scores not leaving each other in terms difference. The game is very intense.
Cruz is doin his best. And the other are not letting him do all the work.
They are all in the game, not thinking of the spectators and just having fun, as Boom the commentator said.

----Deciding point

Nothing more to say. We won. It was a very close fight but it was in favour of us, UST. I spoke too soon. But still. It was a grat game. (pahiya ako dun a) it was only 1 second remaining in the time and almost everybody from ust was rejoicing, but to our dismay, defense was short from ust which lead to the first win of ateneo in a 3 part finals. nice pass by . i was celebrating already, but it was short lived. MAGALING SI NORMAN BLACK. but still, we still have the chance.
they, ateneo, may still have the upper hand but surely we will sweep the last 2 bouts.