Monday, June 19, 2006

a day and a week after, with a touch of something

the world is full of typicality and i hate being along and being one with the ordinary. dont get me wrong, im not a rebel nor an activist, well maybe a litlle, but i am not a fan of doing what other's typically do. what i really want to say is that both father's day and independence day passed and i did not post anything regarding these important events. its because i dont want to go along with the flow and just let it pass by for some time before i voice my mind out about what i want to say.

Independence Day

(if you do not wanna get bored skip this part and head directly to the next part.)

June 12 was declared as our National Independence day, but are we really independent.
im not really into these stuffs and im not fond of things concerning about this nation. as i have
already said, im not an activist but im really not into these things for its just another bunch of
clutter that would clog up my mind. go on, tell me im wrong, tell me im stupid for thinking such a
thing but this is my opinion and this is my point of view. The Philippines is in a turmoil and is
full of crappy none sense blame throwing stupid non ending war between the opposition and the administration. im a nuetral. those politicians are either too bright or too stupid to run the
govenrment. they are all trying to push their own propagandas which are only "puro paganda". and
who are suffering in this war, well like any war does, WE ARE!
no more hope for now is all i can say, but i know some day there will be, maybe. i just dont know
when. im still hoping but not that much for i could only get disappointed.
that is why im not into nationalism "ek ek" for disappointment may just well be around the corner
waiting for me. i dont want to add one more to those who are waiting for me in that corner.
so independence, yes we have it, but we are not in full ownership of it. and even with that little
portion, the people do not know how to use it propely. (grammar sounds crappy, but the hell, i
know you get my point).
i wanted to share things i learned at school and stuffs but damn, im already bored and doing such
would give me a nose blead. i hate remembering things about school that does not concern my major at the mean time, so drop the idea of discussing those things.

enough about independence day. damn, this part bore me. to think that its not that long. anyhoo,
lets get to the next part of this post.

Father's day

i read a blog, damn it touch my heart, it was a blog from
bulitas and it damn touched me. it was about a letter not recieved. the words danced profoundly, like water for a thirsty man. he discribed in his post about a retreat thingy. im not to elaborate much, it was not mine. just thought i shared a nice blog. other blog spaces about father's day are flodding the blog scene. as i have said i hate
typicality, so i did not go with the water rush and just ket the flow pass me by with not much
might. (huh? damn. tinamad akong baguhin yan, ber wid mi na lang po ate kuya)

so here is my own version
(waaaaaaaaa... im thinking about
bulitas' post. i dont know if i would post something like his or what ever. damn, ill just be original)
i posted previously about my dad being "kalog" and cool, but there is more to him than those
things. memories of a "sako", "tanke ng tubig" and "sinturon" are what i remember when i think of
disciplining. the idea of "uso" i leraned from him. he bathe me, clothe me, fed and took care of
me. thought me a hing or two about life. thought me to be strong, to be independent. he thought me the idea of not being a spoiled kid even though im an only child. he is my father above everything
else. not only that, he is my "kabarkada". a "batok" while we are eating and a surprise bike
present for my birthday. being "matampuhing" and "madrama" i regretfully picked up from his
attitudes. frustrated photographer, i am, he is. a person i call papa, the person who carried me
from his back while we happily strong along manila zoo. but those memories some how were overcomed by some one, i cant blame him for that.

non-coherent ideas rush my mind, too much iwant to say, they got jumbled up

push the botton, recent song he got addicted to. age, 41. a chain smoker. damn that some one, what am i to do..
like the song bohemian rhapsody. partly bald. fat. are we to care for her?

was a supervisor at dutyfree. earned a 6 digit salary. likes jombopao of kowloon.her mother is too sick, he told me to care for her.

"bunso". maried to delia who is 41. likes me to be a part of the ordinary world, i cant blame him,
im wierd. she is 5 years of age, she is pretty.

damn... too much



not quite...

just dont know what to do...

blame him..?


too complicated...

im sorry...

ill just stop now..!


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