Monday, October 29, 2007

songs and lessons

i am not fond of listening to the radio regularly. i only listen to it if it somebody else is listening to it or if somebody told me to turn it on and listen to some specific station.

and one of those instance happened. we were on the way to west ave, me and my family, when the station was tuned to one of those "PANGGA" station. they were playing this song

by: Jacob
from the album: Naghihintay

Kelan bang makikita ng iyong mga mata
Kelan bang maririnig sayo na tayo na

Huwag mo akong sisihin kung ang lungkot ng aking damdamin
Bakit di mo akong subukan suyuin…suyuin

Naghihintay, kahit parang wala pag-asa
Handa, maghintay kahit pa may’ron kang iba
Bahala na,
Naghihintay ako na ika’y makasama
Kahit na, naghihintay
Kahit parang wala na

Bakit ba di mo buksan ang iyong mga mata
Nang ang oras natin ay di na masayang pa

[repeat refrain]

[repeat chorus]

[repeat chorus]

Huwag mo akong sisihin
kung biglang sumuko ang damdamin
di mo kasi ako pinapansin

instantly i remembered her, DIWATA. though i dont want to be the drama king that i am, i still wanted to share this post. well, if you do not know the song, here is its mtv

another thing to share. last last night, i got myself caught by my parents going out to party way pass bed time with out even asking their permission. unfortunate for me, they texted me and asked where the hell i was. i told them that i only looked for a loading station and got my self pass my time with some company when in fact i was having a drinking session with my buddies. the invitation was unexpected and out of the blue so i rather not ask permission.

consequently,they got mad at me. i understand them but the damage has been done. lesson learned, try not get yourself caught if you are to enter some risky stupid move. naaaaahhhh.. wrong lesson. the right lesson is, why you are still in your parents care, do what you should do, ask permission. there is no harm in trying.and if they did not allow you, that is the time you sneak out at night. wakekeke.

in addition, my parents did not talked to me the whole day yesterday and my mom is still not talking to me up to now. my fault, they only cared too much. reason? im an only child which might cancel out the fact that i am a man. wakekeke. hmmm. about the only child issue will be another post's concern. well,enough about that. peace out.

waaaaaa. 1 more thing. i forgot to post this song. so ill post it now.

fixing a broken heart

There was nothing to say the day she left
I just filled a suitcase full of regrets
I hailed a taxi in the rain
Looking for some place to ease the pain, ooh
Then like an answered prayer
I turned around and found you there

* You really know where to start
Fixing a broken heart
You really know what to do
Your emotional tools can`t cure any fool
Whose dreams have fallen apart
Fixing a broken heart

Ever could understand what I'm going through
There must be a plan that led me to you
Cause of the hurt just disappears
In every moment you are near, yeah
Just like an answered prayer
You make the loneliness easy to bear

* repeat

Soon the rain will stop falling baby
Let's I'll forget the past
'cause here we are at last

* repeat

Saturday, October 27, 2007

random things once again

everybody has been blogging about ERAP, the Glorrietta bombing and the ZTE scandal lately and i dont want to ride with the norm.


so to break the norm here is something that i am to post.

unfortunately i was texting away friends and colleagues about stuffs and works to be done. when the time came that i was to text DIWATA this image showed up in my 3530 cellphone. (yes, i am still using an old phone that has been in my possession for ages.)

waaaaaaa. that is the problem when there is no school, my mother is not providing me any allowance.

hmmm. just gonna think of some way to get money for me to reload my account and continue to text DIWATA.

hmmmm... anything else? here is a find i saw from the web.

click image to view larger picture.

another thing, i really enjoy watching short films with meaning and is very fulfilling to watch. (parang apaka wrong grammar ata) anyway, i was browsing my multiply network and saw this great find from benjie , a former highschool batchmate. it was an entry on "ON THE LOT" show aired by the FOX network. i saw some of the entries that were submitted there and watched some short films. but still, because of my patriotism, i still rather choose this film from paolo dy titled qwerty.

this is a nice film, i really liked it, short in time but the story is full. to view other films from the show search for "on the lot" in the search field on youtube.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ramdom thoughts.

she was not happy when she saw it so i rather erased it

though i placed and invested lots of time to make that post i rather put it to waste if that would make her some how angry or not at ease with the topic posted.

she already knows the topic anyway and she was involved in it

anyway to compensate for the erased post. ( rather not share what was in it) i am going to blog something different instead. the problem is im totally blank right now. hmmm. wait, let me think...

hmmm ill post this .gif image as a somewhat cheesy somewhat corni somewhat etc.
i like it cause it a look alike of the pon and zi character we all know.(maybe only some)

this image is not from that said site. but rather made by a different person i don't know who.
(in the preview and while im making this post, the image is not moving. hope that it moves when i already post it.)
(click the image to see the moving image. thanks)

another to share is this stick fight .gif image. i dont like it that much but i wouldlike to share it with you guys. its entertaining and somehow "ALIW"

these images are from my cousins cellphone. thanks to him.

and lastly i would like to share this stupid dance done by nobody else but yours truly. wakekeke. it was a trip by me and my cousins. we were bored and i was my usual "GAGO" who wants to always kid around and make everybody laugh. its a "SINABAWANG GULAY" video done by the author of this post.wakekeke. ('di man lang ako nahiya. wakekeke. ginagao ko nanaman sarili ko)

i was suppose to upload it using blogspot but it was ages to load it. i dont know why maybe because in downloading heros in the background.anyway, here's an embed from youtube.

for other uploadedvideos by me, click my YOUTUBE SITE
for other videos i like and would like to shre here is my MULTIPLY SITE
some videos on my MULTIPLY SITE are our dance at the NECES induction ball, cartoons i like, and the kagaguhan video you see above.

hmmm. anything else? hmmm. wait. ill browse my pc for fun finds i would like to share to the readers of this blog site. hehe

i saw some other pictures to blog about. these are the shirt designs that i made for the organization i belong to, NECES. but unfortunately they did not include my entry. its fine cause my friend won anyway.


click to view image.
from left to right, the design on shirt, the front design, the back design


click to view image.
from left to right, the design on shirt, the back design, the front design

these is all for now... i may already have raped your internet browser and internet connection but thanks for reading up to this point.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

family affair

WARNING: hate post/anti family values post ahead.

ever heard of the simpsons? the dysfunctional family who amused and entertained all of us through numerous numbers of years?
how about the family guy? another semi dysfunctional family with somehow the same theme as the simpsons.

well, there is one thing that they have in common, they are both dysfunctional. and for tonight i am going to share my damn hatred and deep stupid damn shit emotions regarding not specifically with my mother nor my father but to the extended family that i have.

we have been living in a "COZY" home as far as my memory takes me. we have been living with my grandmother and grandfather, father's side of the family, but that's not all i am also living with my ninong (my father's brother), his wife, their adopted daughter, my uncle (another brother of my father), his wife, my cousins, 1damn stupid irritating mother fucking maid and my cousins cousins from their mother's side.

damn. now i know why im so "MADRAMA", a semi backstabber, "MAARTE" kind of a guy. its all because of those people. don't get me wrong, i LIKE living with them, emphasis on like, but love is out of the question. damn. im so mad that i can't even think straight typing this post.

you may say that im a no good son of a bitch who does not even think before i act (well i also got that from them) but i am telling you im full of it.

everyday is like a telenobela, its like they are all psychotics with minds not working properly. everyday mt grandma always boasts bmy grandpa they he is going gaga over the maid. damn. my grandpa's penis does not even work anymore, she always says that "INAAPAKAN MO ANG PAGKABABAE KO" da hell!


i may have spilled to much for this post but believe me, there's more. it only frustrates me more if i continue. i just need an outlet.

thanks for reading if you got to this part. damn im so mad.
ma,pa, lets transfer n kasi. ayoko na dito!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007



ang buhay ko ay punong puno ng drama

masyado kong pinapaikot ang mudo ko sa emo

masyado na akong madrama

makailang tao na ang nawala sa pagdradrama ko.

pero hindi ko parin magawang itigil ito

masyado pa akong mabilis mag tiwala sa isang tao

binubuhos na agad ang lahat ng tiwala sa unang pagkakilala

kaya pag hindi pala seryoso at iniwan ako

ako ang nagdradrama


tama na muna

ang nakakainis lang kasi



panget kasi ng ugali ko


tama na ang drama

for now

Sunday, October 07, 2007


One last post before I place myself in the world of exclusion.

Tomorrow’s going to be the start of our finals and I am to start reviewing.

To my fellow blogmate/ orgmate

I have no hard feelings for you, I am neither destroying your reputation to any one. Neither am I trying to make the person you "love" to dislike you. I am not taking her for my own. You don’t know me and you can never say such things. I hate what you are doing and not you in totality.

I mentioned in my previous post that you are a plain copy cat. I do not and never will I resent those claims. It is not only I who had noticed these things. It has been tested and yes, you did do these things numerous times over and over again. She blogged, you blogged, she is a working student, you apply for one, I posted some comments you did the same. Need I to reiterate what there is left? This post would be so long if I did so.

And it was not I who did something against you in the first place. You did, I never did nothing against you! Damn, you go on and on saying stuff like those without even thinking what you are blurting out. I myself have proofs and I would have not posted that if it was only I who have noticed it.

Enough about you!

To the butterfly I so have given so much attention

Am I to give up? You never told me to stop. My friends are telling me things to do, to either stop or go on. I am so full of it. I don’t know what to do anymore. Yes, you are very important tome, but you still love that guy. Though you’re confused I know you still love him so much. I don’t know, it is only now that I have held on to something I started. I always give up so early that it hurts me more compared to if I pursued. Maybe I’m not fit for anybody? Maybe I am not meant for anyone.

There, in your blog, numerous guys flooding. There, in your friendster numerous lads falling. I don’t know. Am I giving too much meaning to something that has nothing at all? Am I to resign my position to pursue you. Nagmumukha na akong tanga kasi. I love you, but I think it’s not enough. You don’t want to talk about it and you don’t want to talk to me. All I'm waiting for is for you to tell me to stop. That’s all.

I need to do these to lessen things I am thinking of before I start studying. Thanks for bearing with me…

Friday, October 05, 2007

dahil siya ay mahal ko na

Wala sa bokabularyo ko ang salitang move on o let go. Oo, nakaklimot ako, naiwawaglit sa isip ang mga maaring matatamis o mapapit na naranasan ko ngunit sa isang iglap na may muling magbuhay ng aking diwa sa alaala ng mga bagay na iyon ay muling magbabalik at magbabalik ang disposisyon ko sa mga bagay na naganap na.

Oo, madrama ako. Isang nilalang na nabubuhay na napupuno ng pighati at dalamhati sa buhay. Pilit ko na itong iniwawaglit sa aking sistema ngunit makailang bese na akong nabigo. Hindi ko alam ang dapat kong gawin. Ngunit sa kabutihang palad ay unti unti ng nababwasan ang pagdradramang ito

Oo, isa akong nilalang na pursigido. Isa akong pesimistang optimista. Kakaiba, naglalaban na ideya ngunit iyan ako. Pilit kong papanindigan ang mga bagay na alam kong ikakasaya ko sa huli kahit na puro pighati na ang aking nadarama at nararanasan. Hindi ko alam kung pano sumuko, kahit nakikita ko ng wala naming patutunguhan.

Oo, mahal ko siya, ngunit sapat na ba na mahal ko sya upang ipagpatuloy ko ang aking ginagawa? Ipagpatuloy na maging pursigidong makuha ang kanyang puso? Mahal ko sya, oo mahal ko sya, isang nilalang na ubod ng importante sa aking pagkabuhay. Oo, siguro masyado na akong nagiging ideyalistiko, tumitingin sa panaginip na aking ninanais. Nangangarap ng bulat ang parehong mata.

Naisip ko tuloy, oo, may mga nasasabi sakin ang nilalang na iyon. Meron syang nasasabing mga bagay na magaganda, nakakapagbahagi ng mga ekspiryensya at dalamhati. Ngunit gusto ko din malaman ang aking posisyon, ipagpapatuloy ko ba o hindi ang mga bagay na aking ginagawa? Ako ba ay may pwesto sa puso nya. Aminado akong ako ay laging nasa estado ng paranoya kaya naiisip ko din na baka naman sa isang nilalang na may puwang pa sa puso nya ay nasasbing isa lamang akong kaibigan at hanggang duon na lang.

Sinabi nyang hindi pa sya handa, ilan n ba sialng nagsabi sakin nun? Sabi ng iba ay oo, maaring hindi pa naghihilom ang puso nya, ang iba ay ibinabahagi sakin na ito ay isang palusot lamang. Hindi ko na alam. Mahal ko na sya. Ipagpapatuloy ko ba o sapat na iyon para ako ay sumuko na.

Ang alam ko ay mahal ko sya. Sapat na ba iyon para mag patuloy ay hindi isang balidong rason upang hindi ko ituloy ang aking pagtigil?

pahabol na talata. sana naman magkaroon ng sariling isip ang ibang tao at hindi nakikisakay sa ginagawa ng iba. magkaroon ka ng sarili mong distinksyon at wag kang magkaroon ng isang pagkataong gumagaya sa iba. hindi purkit gusto ng isa ay gugustuhin mo na rin at iisiiping dati mo pa ginusto ang bagay na iyon. magkaroon ka ng marka na pang sarili mo at hindi isang markang nailathala na ng iba.

Monday, October 01, 2007

wish list

i am a self confessed nationalist, i support the filipino community not totally 100 percent but more than enough compared to other fellow filipinoes.

i have been eying these set of shirts but unfortunately i have insufficient funds to buy myself one of these. these shirts came from THE TSHIRT PROJECT who originally brought to us Spoofs Ltd. Now the have so much designs which made more frustrated.

hey, anybody out there reading these post, in my birthday, o sooner, in christmas

could someone give me one of their designs

not specifically what i have posted. it would mean so much to me


(another lame post)

since we are on the topic of wish lists, i would like to post the things i would like to have at my birthday

2. DSLR camera (not giving any specifics as long as itis in fact DSLR, or a nice digicam would do)
3. new cellphone
4. upgraded pc or laptop (no specifics again)
5. for her to become my girlfriend
6. to graduate on time (woohoo, 1 sem left)
7. to pass the board exam
8. a car
9. a new ketboard (i just bought this keyboard i am currently using and its already broaken. thats what you get with cheap merchandise)
10. a new mouse

(wow, that was a mixture of earthly goods and non material wishes)


thanks for your time...