Thursday, October 25, 2007

ramdom thoughts.

she was not happy when she saw it so i rather erased it

though i placed and invested lots of time to make that post i rather put it to waste if that would make her some how angry or not at ease with the topic posted.

she already knows the topic anyway and she was involved in it

anyway to compensate for the erased post. ( rather not share what was in it) i am going to blog something different instead. the problem is im totally blank right now. hmmm. wait, let me think...

hmmm ill post this .gif image as a somewhat cheesy somewhat corni somewhat etc.
i like it cause it a look alike of the pon and zi character we all know.(maybe only some)

this image is not from that said site. but rather made by a different person i don't know who.
(in the preview and while im making this post, the image is not moving. hope that it moves when i already post it.)
(click the image to see the moving image. thanks)

another to share is this stick fight .gif image. i dont like it that much but i wouldlike to share it with you guys. its entertaining and somehow "ALIW"

these images are from my cousins cellphone. thanks to him.

and lastly i would like to share this stupid dance done by nobody else but yours truly. wakekeke. it was a trip by me and my cousins. we were bored and i was my usual "GAGO" who wants to always kid around and make everybody laugh. its a "SINABAWANG GULAY" video done by the author of this post.wakekeke. ('di man lang ako nahiya. wakekeke. ginagao ko nanaman sarili ko)

i was suppose to upload it using blogspot but it was ages to load it. i dont know why maybe because in downloading heros in the background.anyway, here's an embed from youtube.

for other uploadedvideos by me, click my YOUTUBE SITE
for other videos i like and would like to shre here is my MULTIPLY SITE
some videos on my MULTIPLY SITE are our dance at the NECES induction ball, cartoons i like, and the kagaguhan video you see above.

hmmm. anything else? hmmm. wait. ill browse my pc for fun finds i would like to share to the readers of this blog site. hehe

i saw some other pictures to blog about. these are the shirt designs that i made for the organization i belong to, NECES. but unfortunately they did not include my entry. its fine cause my friend won anyway.


click to view image.
from left to right, the design on shirt, the front design, the back design


click to view image.
from left to right, the design on shirt, the back design, the front design

these is all for now... i may already have raped your internet browser and internet connection but thanks for reading up to this point.