Friday, July 06, 2007

coincedence or plain copycat

two different headers from two different blogs.
somehow they were of the same thought, just elaborations in between.

the first one was created June 13, 2007 and the second one was created on June 24, 2007.

you can see in the second blog that the name of the first blogger was made in to a poem. but the second blog told me that he made that blog because he just had to. he wanted the world to read what is in his mind but he is not to publish his blog much to be read by all. confusing? it really is.

it is obvious that the guy likes the girl who in fact is also the one i like. (the reason why i'm blogging this)

and in addition. you can see that the song iris was posted on the first blog on June 30, 2007. days after the second blog featured the same song on July 3, 2007. which in fact, once more, my favorite song. i'm not riding the same band wagon, i obviously liked the song since i was high school and was even the theme song between me and my x girlfriend.

enough of the bitterness, the guy is my friend and he obviously will be reading this soon, well maybe. and for that reason i am adding to this post that i am not that bitter, i was just annoyed of the band wagon ridding.

the question is are you really to like everything that is liked upon by the one you like?(huh?) i mean do you really need to mirror everything that is being done by that person you admire?

in addition, i am not the only one who had noticed this. my friend also noticed the same band wagon ridding.