Sunday, November 25, 2007

wrong spelling

i noticed.

due to much depression while i was writing my last post, that i misspelled the word friend with firend.
hmmmm. i have already said in my description on my profile that i am not fond of looking at the wrong spellings or typographical errors in my posts. for reasons that i am lazy


hmmm. i will be removing haloscan cause diwata can not comment. anyway, disregard the previous post, i have already kept in my mind that i am just some of those ordinary people who you would seldom take a second look at. (as i have staed in my previous post.)


so these being said, i would return to my new kind of posting, less drama.


hmmm. no more left to post. ammm.


i am contented with "JUST" being the "FRIEND". at least i can always make her laugh and make things go lighter when everything seems to fall down. (as she told me)

but it would be very fulfilling if i had her.
(waaa. tama n nga drama diba...)