Thursday, November 08, 2007

youtube fame

today is the first day of no thursday classes for me and having stayed at home rather than go to school and help with the stage set-up of an incoming event. hey, i have my excuses, and valid as it is! i did not have the allowance needed for my fare. (my fault actually cause i did not ask any from my mom). well enough about that. lately i have been posting stuffs i have found from youtube which give insights or give you something to laugh and/or think about. i have not much idea of this site, rather only watching uploaded videos under my search parameter. video category blogs i have posted are now so lame with out placing this following people.

first on the list is a very famous youtuber who was previously featured on ABS-CBN (i am neither a kapuso nor a kapamilya fan). before i did not care much about her having not heard of the said featured news, but after having seen an upload of ms.xienahgirl on her multiply site, i have learned that i have miss some part of my life (well maybe im just exaggerating). i also saw rob's comment on the video, titled boypren. it was about a skit about some boyfriend, girl friend thingy.

the director, actor, producer and all of the involved crew are the one and only Happy Slip. one of the most famed youtube subscriber. and as i browsed her site (click her name for the link). i have seen that she is really worthy of what she is right now. damn, she will make you laugh your ass off. she is a filipina, and i being a patriotic guy, am really proud for what she has put the country into, knowing that we are ridiculed by other american networks for joke purposes.

upon browsing ms.xienahgirl's video uploads, i also saw this kid who is some what also very famous in the vlogging word, as well as in youtube. he is kevjumba. he is an asian boy who lives in america and is vlogging his way to popularity. people might relate somehow to his videos because he tackles everyday stuffs that he has encountered as an "ordinary boy" (empa\hasis on ordinary boy cause i don't think he is that ordinary anymore). kevjumba and happyslip already had many collaborated videos and here is one of it.

here is another one

many are imitating the style of this boy when it comes to vlogging and i have seen that some of them were not at all near his level. hmmm. maybe this is all.

hmmm. i think i have blogged to much about this things. i will soon find another great video finds i find worth watching.

(pahabol sentence) im thnking of vlogging to, but im thinking, now that i am blogging, im ot much of a star, what else if i switched to vlogging.

i am thinking of you right now.
i can't stop thinking of you.
i hope i could be with you sooner or later.